Vintage Murano Glass

Glass Of Venice's exclusive selection of Vintage Murano Glass is curated by our Murano Art Glass experts who are always on the lookout for rare vintage pieces to grace our customers' distinctive homes, offices, and public spaces. Our selection of Vintage pieces includes mostly pre-owned 20th-century and mid-century Murano art glass made by top Venetian artists including Dino Rosin, Loredano Rosin, Venini, Salviati, Seguso, Renato Anatra, Barbini, Formia, Moretti, Onesto, Cenedese, Fratelli Toso, Fulvio Bianconi, and many other prominent Murano Glass artists and companies. Our vintage Murano Glass comes from reputable auction houses, dealers, and private collections and we authenticate every piece.
We guarantee authenticity and very good pre-owned condition of each Murano Glass vintage piece. These unique Murano Glass artworks are great finds for art glass collectors and Murano Glass lovers. They are sourced directly by Glass Of Venice - a trusted U.S.-based company importing, distributing, and curating authentic Murano Glass since 2008.
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Vintage Murano Glass Duck By Formia Glass

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Murano Vintage, Antique, 20th Century, Mid-Century art glass by top Murano Glass artists carefully selected and authenticated by Glass Of Venice