Valentine's Day is a special time for love, romance, beauty - in other words, everything that the beautiful city of Venice has come to epitomize. Although Valentine's Day celebrations with candy, flowers, gifts and romantic gestures that we know today are a relatively recent phenomenon, Venice had a fabulous celebration for centuries, where romance and love took the center stage, wiping away, if only for a short time, all class, ethnic, and even religious barriers. During the famous Venetian Carnival masked men and women gave in to romance and passion, and the backdrop of famous balls, street fairs, theater performances, and feasts, where costumed participants mixed together freely, made the celebrations all the more unique and special. Inspired by the carnival as well as by everyday atmosphere of lavish beauty and extraordinary elegance, for centuries tourists flocked to Venice in search of amorous adventures and unforgettable romance. Many couples had their sweetest moments in the dreamy atmosphere of Venice, lured by the gentle sound of the waves hitting gondolas gliding along the dark canals.

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