Have fun this St. Patrick's Day with our beautiful green colored jewelry, cufflinks, drinkware, and fun accessories in vibrant shades of green.

St. Patrick's Day is a wonderful holiday celebrating Irish culture, heritage and traditions with processions, festivals, food, drink, and fun. St. Patrick was the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland, and he is a celebrated figure in the history of Ireland and many other countries. Celebrated since the ninth century in Europe, St. Patrick has spread beyond Ireland and Irish culture as the festive jolly celebration, which often includes partying, street performances, and of course Celtic music. On this day, and sometimes even on the surrounding days and weeks, people in countries around the world - Ireland, of course, but also Canada, Switzerland, the U.K., the U.S., Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Russia and many others have festivities celebrating St. Patrick and Irish culture

The wearing of green and decorating with shamrocks is an ancient St. Patrick's Day tradition, and people often seek unique accessories in the shades of green to stand out. Our beautiful Murano Glass pieces have the depth of color, the elaborate shapes, and the exquisite looks that make them just perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Jade, emerald, malachite, seawater, army green, lime green, and so many other shades of this fresh color symbolizing harmony, growth, and rebirth are represented in our collection of Murano Glass necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, Millefiori pendants, cufflinks and many other jewelry pieces. What's more, we offer lots of beautiful green accessories for your St. Patrick's party, including bottle openers, bottle stoppers, drinking glasses and much more to make your St. Patty's party simply perfect.