Mother's Day is a wonderful holiday giving us all a chance to honor and celebrate our mothers - the women who not only gave us the gift of life but day after day took care of us and gave us everything to make sure we grow up the best we can be. Mother's love is unconditional, strong and true, and no matter how old we are, we still are children while our mothers are alive.

So it's only fitting to celebrate our amazing moms with unique handcrafted gifts from Venice, the city that channels love, beauty, and elegance like no other place in the world. Whether your mom is into jewelry, cute figurines, beautiful vases or elegant tableware, we have a huge selection of the best authentic Murano Glass pieces to match her taste. The glass masters whose families have been working in Murano's famous workshops for generations create gifts that are full of color, life, and beauty, so much so that they seem to have captured the very essence of Venice. Their secret is simple: these artists and artisans put a little piece of their heart and soul into every creation, making theirs a true labor of love.

A fine Murano Glass gift that you will give your mom this Mother's Day will never fade or die down; it will always maintain its colorful beauty, reminding her every day of your love and gratitude for everything she has done for you.