How to Care for Murano Glass Jewelry, Decorative Items, Tableware, and Drinkware

Murano Glass requires very minor care and cleaning, and will serve you for a very long time if you follow a few simple rules.

  • Please keep your Murano glass pieces out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid doing household tasks such as dishwashing, cleaning, or cooking while wearing your Murano rings or bracelets - glass pieces may break if you accidentally hit them on hard surfaces such as kitchen counters.
  • Do not wear your Murano Glass jewelry while showering, bathing, swimming, or exercising. We also recommed taking off all your Murano jewelry before going to bed.
  • Avoid wearing your Murano jewelry while using lotions or creams.
  • Do not wash your Murano Glass pieces in very hot water and do not pour very hot or boiling water into any Murano Glass vessels, including coffee and tea cups.
  • Do not put your Murano Glass items in a dishwasher or a microwave, or expose them to high heat or direct flame.

How To Clean Murano Glass

Periodically wipe your glass items thoroughly with a clean, lint-free cloth to remove dust or dirt. Make sure that your cloth has no cleaning solution on it that might leave a residue or damage your delicate Murano glass. You may use a lightly dampened lint-free cloth to remove any remaining spots after dry dusting. Larger items such as vases and chandeliers may dust more frequently and visibly, and require more thorough cleaning. Please note that none of the Murano Glass items are dishwasher-safe, and most likely will be damaged in the dishwasher. Therefore, wash your glasses, bowls, and all other tableware and drinkware manually in warm (not hot) water with mild soap.

If your Murano Glass piece breaks, never attempt to fix it yourself with glue or in any other way. This may render the item unfixable by a professional, should you decide to go that route later. If the item you purchased from Glass Of Venice broke during use please reach out to us and we will advise on the best course of action.

How To Remove Tarnish From Murano Glass Jewelry

If your Murano Glass Jewelry has sterling silver elements, over time the silver may tarnish. This is not a defect but a natural occurrence known as oxidation, which occurs when silver is exposed to air, body oils, or other substances. To avoid or delay tarnsihing we recommend keeping your jewelry in the special velvet pouches that we send with every jewelry piece. If tarnish does appear, please watch this quick video to learn how to quickly and easily remove tarnish from Murano Glass silver sterling jewelry at home. This cleaning process will not damage the glass.