Father's Day is a much-awaited holiday giving us all a chance to honor and celebrate our fathers - the most important men in our lives. Dads are not only the supporters of the family, they are also the keepers of the family traditions, passing the convictions, knowledge, and skills of their dads on to their own children.

So it's only fitting to celebrate our amazing dads with unique gifts that come straight from traditional Venetian workshops, crafted by some of the best Murano Glass artisans. The elegant yet practical glass pieces such as letter knives, cufflinks, or bottle openers were made by hand using the time-tested techniques and methods, which have been passed from fathers to sons for generations. From bold sculptures inspired by sea or animal life to unique drinking glasses and wine accessories to colorful cufflinks with modern appeal, we have a huge selection of the best authentic Murano Glass pieces to match every father's taste. The glass masters whose families have been working in Murano's famous workshops for centuries create gifts that are full of color, life, and joy, so much so that they seem to have captured the very essence of celebrated Italian spirit. Their secret is simple: these artists and artisans put a little piece of their heart and soul into every creation, making theirs a true labor of love.

A fine Murano Glass gift that you will give your dad this Father's Day will never fade or become old-fashioned; like good wine it will only become more precious over time, reminding him every day of your love and gratitude for everything he has done for you.