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Cristallo and Blue Floral Murano Glass Candle Holder

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The beauty and unique ambiance of Venice comes through in this artistic handcrafted Murano Glass candle holder. Elegant lines, floral motifs, rare fine-quality translucent glass and complicated decorative techniques dating back to 17th century make this Venetian candle holder a highlight in any room of your house. This candlestick is also a wonderful gift for any special occasion.

This Murano Glass candle holder is a piece of art created by Murano masters whose work is displayed in museums and private collections worldwide. It is translucent, delicate, and almost weightless as only authentic Murano Glass can be. The candlestick features signature of the master on the base as well as attached sticker proving its authenticity and origin. It is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

Measurements: The Murano Glass Candlestick is 10 inches tall. The round base is 3 inches in diameter. The diameter of the top "flower" is 2-1/2 inches in its widest part. The diameter of the top opening is 1 inch.

As each Murano Glass piece is a unique work of art made by hand small variations of colors, patterns and shapes are possible.


Lampworking technique is an ancient method of glass-making where the master artisan uses a small flame to heat up glass canes, and then turns these glass canes constantly to blow and shape the glass object under the fire to give it the desired shape and design. Using various design touches such as colored borders, ribbed surfaces, decorative flowers the artisan creates Murano Glass candle holders, drinking glasses, wine glasses and other tableware and stemware that is elaborate, translucent and lightweight.