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Serving the table in style has always been an important attribute of any gathering in the well-mannered families in Europe and beyond. In our age of mass production, serving your table with Murano Glass plates, Italian glass bowls and tableware is a great way to show how much your guests mean to you and how much your care about every little detail at the table. Authentic Murano Glass bowls, Venetian glass cups, saucers, and plates feature rich colors and bold designs that are rooted in ancient Venetian tradition yet enriched by contemporary artistic trends.
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  Murano Millefiori Decorative Bowl - Aqua Green  
  Murano Glass Filigrana Candy Dish  
  Murano Millefiori Decorative Heart Bowl - Multicolor  
  Murano Millefiori Decorative Bowl - Multicolor  
  5   (3)
  Murano Glass Decorative Plate - Golden Quilt Millefiori  
  Golden Quilt Millefiori Decorative Bowl  
  4.5   (3)
  Murano Millefiori Square Plate - Multicolor Black  
  Murano Millefiori Square Plate - Black and White  
  Murano Millefiori Round Plate - Tree of Life  
  Millefiori Decorative Bowl - Tender Rose  
  Golden Quilt Murano Millefiori Cup and Saucer  
  5   (1)
  Murano Millefiori Plate - Multicolor  
  5   (1)
  Murano Millefiori Decorative Bowl - Classic Blue  
  Murano Millefiori Heart Plate - Multicolor  
  Murano Millefiori Cup and Saucer - Multicolor  
  5   (2)