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Murano Glass is exclusive and exquisite. Since the Thirteenth Century Murano Glass artisans have been creating beautiful pieces not only for decorative but also for practical purposes. Setting the table with Murano Glass plates, wine goblets, and dinnerware was a coveted sign of class and wealth, reserved only for the most well-off residents of Venice and the prominent members of the elite from other countries. Today Murano Glass plates, cups, bowls, centerpieces, candle holders and serving pieces with fine Murano handles are still considered symbols of status, style, and taste, the objects of unparalleled elegance and beauty. Handcrafted by the best Murano Glass masers, they showcase a wide range of elaborate Venetian glass-making techniques from Sommerso to Bullicante to Millefiori, and feature colors and patterns that nod to Murano tradition while embracing modern art trends. With a fine Murano Glass table centerpiece, dish, bowl, or candlestick, bring a touch of Venice and its unique and glorious past into your home.

Cups, Plates, BowlsCUPS, PLATES, BOWLS