Vintage Murano Glass Cenedese Champagne Flute Wine Glass Goblet - Gold and Aqua Green Vintage 053926473663

Vintage Murano Glass Cenedese Champagne Flute Wine Glass Goblet - Gold and Aqua Green

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Introducing the exquisite Murano Glass hand-blown champagne flute goblet by Cenedese Vetri - a true masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship. This champagne flute was handcrafted in 1953 by skilled artisans of Gino Cenedese and Son on the famous Murano island, just off the coast of Venice. Each champagne glass is made using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations, resulting in a unique piece of art that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The flute's design is sleek and elegant, with a long graceful stem accentuated by a ribbed gold-leaf lined ball. The gently flared glass has a classic design and enhances the flavor and aroma of your champagne. When you hold this champagne flute in your hand, you can feel the attention to detail and the passion that went into creating it. With its timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship, the Murano Glass hand-blown wine glass by Cenedese Vetri is sure to become a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

The name Cenedese is well known to Murano Glass and art collectors worldwide. Gino Cenedese became active on Murano at the beginning of the 20th century. Over the years multiple famous designers such as Napoleone Martinuzzi and Luigi Scarpa collaborated with Gino Cendese and Son Glassworks to create masterpieces of Murano Glass art. Fit for the most refined wine parties and dinners, and a delight for any art glass collector, these rare and very delicate authentic Cenedese Murano champagne and wine glasses are a real antique treasure. In excellent unused condition, this unique Venetian goblet or a set of them makes a very special gift for weddings, anniversaries, or other momentous occasions.
  • Measurements: This wine glass measures approximately 10 inches in height and the diameter at the top is about 2-3/4 inch.
  • This is an authentic vintage Murano Glass Cenedese Champagne Flute. GlassOfVenice fully certifies its authenticity.
  • The wine glass is in perfect unused condition and has no signs of wear. It is free of defects or damage. There are no chips, scratches, cracks, or repairs.
  • The champagne glass comes well packaged to avoid damage in transit.


Murano Glass wine glasses, shot glasses, and champagne flutes are among some of the most coveted stemware in the world. The combination of very light weight, elaborate design, and translucent color is achieved through elaborate process of glass-making, where the master artisan blows and shapes the glass under a small flame. Turning the glass rods to keep the glass in the malleable state, the master creates a ribbed, faceted, or smooth glass surface and adds unique design touches such as flowers on the stem or accents of various colors, creating glasses that draw compliments during wine and dinner parties and make perfect wedding or anniversary gifts.