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Murano Glass Kiddush Cup With Star Of David

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This beautiful and unique Kiddush Cup or small wine glass is handmade by Murano Glass masters from the lightest and purest glass in the world created with the sand from the Venetian Lagoon. The simple design of clear glass and clean lines accented with 24K gold trim and Magen David (The Star of David) on the stem draws attention to the religious and the spiritual meaning of the Kiddush Cup in the Jewish tradition. This special cup can be used to say Kiddush - a special blessing over the wine during the Jewish holidays, weddings, and on Shabbat. These glasses can also be used to set the table for your Shabbat dinner or for another special occasion. This fine handmade Murano Glass Kiddush Cup will become your family heirloom or make a meaningful gift for anyone who values Jewish traditions and heritage.

Venice, where the first Jewish ghetto was created, is a place of special significance in the history of Jewish people. As such, this Murano Glass Kiddush Cup or Wine Glass handmade in Venice is a unique symbol of Jewish heritage that alludes to the key moments and important places in Jewish history.

  • Measurements: This Murano Glass goblet measures approximately 5 inches in height, the diameter of the base is about 1-3/4 inch. The goblet holds just under 2 oz (or just under 50 ml) of liquid.
  • This Murano Glass Cup decorated with the Star of David is hand-blown by distinguished Murano glass artisans, whose family has been well known on Murano island for centuries.
  • The Kiddush Cup has a sticker proving its Murano origin and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.
  • The glass is very well packaged for safe and secure shipping.
  • Because each Murano Glass item is a unique work of art made entirely by hand, slight variations of sizes, shapes, and patterns, as well as small bubbles within the glass, are possible. These do not constitute a defect but rather represent the very features by which authentic Murano Glass is recognized.


Murano Glass wine glasses, shot glasses, and champagne flutes are among some of the most coveted stemware in the world. The combination of very light weight, elaborate design, and translucent color is achieved through elaborate process of glass-making, where the master artisan blows and shapes the glass under a small flame. Turning the glass rods to keep the glass in the malleable state, the master creates a ribbed, faceted, or smooth glass surface and adds unique design touches such as flowers on the stem or accents of various colors, creating glasses that draw compliments during wine and dinner parties and make perfect wedding or anniversary gifts.