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Modern Art Murano Glass Tumbler - Red

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Bring home the refined tastes and artistic flair of Venice when you serve your drinks in these gorgeous handmade Murano Glass tumblers. This elegant tumbler is born from the winning combination of traditional Murano Glass technique and contemporary design trends crafted with rare skill and talent by Murano's top masters. The Venetian drinking glass features deep red color infused with genuine silver foil and unique design inspired by contemporary art movements. Great for wine, water, or soft drinks, this tumbler, or a set of them, will instantly impress your dinner guests and get everyone talking about the distant Venetian shores. Our trendy Murano tumblers, handcrafted by well-known Murano Glass masters, make perfect special occasion gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthday or retirement.

Measurements: This Murano tumbler measures 4 inches in height, and the diameter at the widest part is 3 1/2 inches. The diameter of the base is 2 1/2 inches. It holds 12 oz or 350 ml of liquid. Each drinking glass comes very well packaged to avoid damage in transit and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity. A special sticker is also attached to each tumbler confirming its Murano origin.

Because each Murano Glass piece is a unique work of art made by hand using only traditional methods and tools, slight variations of colors and differences in patterns can be expected.

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Beautiful glasses. I like them and enjoy the different colors.

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Gave it as a gift

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Sbruffo is a distinctive Murano Glass design, which features rough-surfaces and multiple colors flowing into each other. Sbruffo objects are made by putting layers of colored glass on top of each other streak-by-streak without polishing them, creating an impression of flowing glass. Using multiple colors and unique forms, the masters make tumblers, glasses, vases, bowls, and sculptures with sbruffo designs, which are instantly recognizable as authentic Murano Glass. Only a few Murano Glass factories still create sbruffo art glass objects, and many interior design aficionados, collectors and Murano Glass fans seek these objects of refined beauty and distinct Italian elegance.