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Aurora Murano Tumbler - Red Glass Of Venice 753677706514

Aurora Murano Tumbler - Red

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Item # :  DP_GL_AURRD

Elegant, artistic, and unique, this Murano Glass tumbler showcases the best of the centuries-old Venetian glass-making tradition, which made Murano Island world-famous. These unusual drinking glasses were once made by the glass-makers to quench their thirst in the heat of the workshop where the furnaces are always burning, but they were so beautiful that the word quickly spread, and now, thankfully, we can enjoy them too. Handcrafted by the third-generation Murano Glass master artist whose work is exhibited in museums and private collections, this beautiful tumbler with swirls of gorgeous rich colors adds a lively Venetian accent to your home and your table. These tumblers work well for water or soft drinks, highball cocktails, mixed drinks, and are guaranteed to impress your guests. This tumbler, or a set of them in one or several colors, also makes a wonderful special gift that will be appreciated and treasured.

This authentic Murano Glass tumbler was crafted entirely by hand using only traditional glass-making methods. The drinking glass has etched signature of the master glass-maker on its side. Attached sticker further proves its Murano origin, as does the certificate of authenticity that comes with the glass.
Measurements: The tumbler is approximately 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter in its widest part. It holds 12 oz or 350 ml of liquid.
Because each Murano Glass piece is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors, patterns, and shapes are possible.

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