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Serenissima Murano Glass Pitcher - Aqua Blue

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Instantly add style and elegance to your table with this fine hand-blown Murano Glass pitcher, which comes straight from the workshop of famous Murano artisans. Having worked on the Island for decades, these masters follow in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers continuing the ancient craft that originates from ancient Egypt and Rome. This Murano Glass pitcher or carafe created in the Bullicante technique with regular bubbles throughout showcases the skill and talent of Venetian glass-makers and the evolution of Murano Glass to meet current trends in art and design. Far from being just a decorative accent, this pitcher is a functional piece, which can be used to serve wine, water, or soft drinks in fine Italian style. With its subdued beauty and modern sophistication, this blown glass pitcher makes a perfect gift to someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship and trendy design.
  • The Murano Glass Pitcher or Carafe is 100% authentic, and handmade on Murano Island using only traditional glass-making techniques.
  • Measurements: The pitcher is approximately 7 inches tall. The diameter at the top is about 5 inches. The capacity of the carafe is 33 oz or 1 Liter.
  • The pitcher is packaged to avoid damage in transit and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity and the sticker confirming its Venetian origin.
  • Because each Murano Glass piece is a handcrafted work of art and due to the unique features of the glass-making technique, some variations of colors and patterns will occur. This is not a defect but the sign by which you can recognize authentic Murano Glass, where two items are never exactly the same.


Murano Glass vases, figurines, tumblers, and tableware often feature a unique look, where base layer of glass is decorated with colorful flowers, leaves, abstract glass streaks, or in other ways by applying stretched out dripping glass in various colors and shapes on top of a blown glass core. This technique requires precision, talent, and many years of experience working with Murano Glass. Murano Glass has unique characteristics which, when heated up, make it stretch and flow easily, and quickly cool off to form the desired pattern. Murano Glass masters in Venice often use this technique to create abstract Venetian glassware such as Picasso-style heads, vases, or sculptures, and other modern-art creations.