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Murano Millefiori Bottle Decanter - Multicolor

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Pour some wine in style and get a feel of the unique ambiance of Venice with this gorgeous exquisitely handcrafted bottle-shaped Murano Millefiori Decanter created by talented Venetian artisans. A fine example of the world-famous Murano Glass artistic tradition, this Venetian decanter features Millefiori glass painstakingly crafted from hundreds of tiny colorful mosaic pieces with 24K gold leaf overlay. Classic elegant form achieved by mouth-blowing completes the design to bring opulent Venetian style, culture, and tradition into your home. The decanter also makes a perfect gift for those who appreciate fine wine, European tradition, and superb Italian style.

This Murano Glass decanter is much more than a nice bar accessory. This is a piece of art created by Murano masters who come from a long lineage of glass maestros and whose work is displayed in museums, art galleries, and private collections worldwide. It is rich, festive, and exhilarating, as only authentic Murano Glass can be.
The Venetian bottle decanter was created in ancient world-famous Millefiori technique and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

Measurements: The Murano Glass Carafe Decanter is 11 inches tall including the stopper (8 inches tall without the stopper), and 4 inches in diameter in its widest part. The capacity of the decanter is 16 oz or 0.5 Liter. The stopper is included with the decanter.

Because each piece of Murano Glass is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors and patterns are possible.


Murano Glass Millefiori is a unique glass-making technique, which results in bright mosaic-like multicolor appearance of the glass. Millefiori vases, bowls, figurines, ornaments, tableware and drinking glasses are crafted by hand in Murano Glass factories using Murano masters' original method that has changed little over the centuries. To achieve the look of Millefiori glass, the master artisans of Murano use special locally-made Millefiori glass canes, which are then hand-cut into small disc-shaped pieces and sorted by color in separate bowls. Next, the master heats up a blob of transparent or colored glass and dips it into the bowls with Millefiori pieces to achieve a specific design and color pattern. The Millefiori beads immediately stick to the hot surface of the glass, and once the intended design is formed, the glassmakers puts the glass blob back into the furnace to make the Millefiori pieces on the surface fully fuse with the base glass layer to form a single surface. Afterwards, the glass artisan goes to his special bench, where he blows, forms, and shapes the glass with pliers and scissors to make the intended object, be it a Murano Glass vase, bowl, Christmas ornament, or a sculpture. The resulting piece is an art glass object that is unique and beautiful.