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Murano Glass Top Picks For Sunny Days > Murano Glass Necklaces, Earrings, Figurines, Vases, Glasses, Tumblers

Murano Glass top Spring and Summer favorites include Millefiori, gold and silver leaf jewelry, colorful vases, animal, bird, and sea-inspired figurines, glasses, tumblers, wine glasses, and more. Handmade in Venice, Italy, Murano Glass gifts are special and unique and represent the best of Italian style and fashion. These editor's picks are all-time favorites to freshen up your Summer style and add a bit of sun, seaside charm, colorful flowers, and beach mood to your jewelry collection and to your home decor. Murano Glass jewelry, vases, bowls, figurines, and drinking glasses will make you feel relaxed and beautiful well past the Summer and will make every season warmer and more stylish.
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  Canaletto Earrings - Gold Emerald  
  Royal Red Circle Earrings  
  Murano Heart Earrings - Fire Red  
  Ca D'Oro Earrings - Black  
  Ca D'Oro Drop Earrings - Ruby Red  
  Murano Glass Venetian Clownfish  
  Murano Glass Vesuvio Threaded Fazzoletto Vase  
  Murano Glass Vesuvio Threaded Wavy Vase  
  Murano Mosaic Millefiori Festive Balls Earrings - Gold  
  Murano Glass Vesuvio Fazzoletto Vase - Blue  
  Aria Veneziana Pendant Necklace - Purple  
  Aria Veneziana Pendant Necklace - Blue  
  Aria Veneziana Pendant Necklace - Aqua Green  
  Antique Venetian Beads Murano Glass Necklace - Amber Brown  
  5   (1)
  Murano Glass Oceanos Centerpiece Bowl - Aqua Blue  
  Murano Glass Vesuvio Oval Vase - Purple  
  Venetian Reflections Square Stud Earrings #6  
  5   (1)
  Set Of Two Murano Glass Wine Glasses - Transparent Gold  
  Murano Glass Oceanos Centerpiece Bowl - Blue and Red  
  Murano Glass Vesuvio Oval Vase - Aqua Blue  
  Aria Veneziana Pendant Necklace  
  Vivaldi Murano Square Earrings - Black and Gold  
  Murano Glass Baby Bird - Yellow  
  5   (1)
  Murano Glass Baby Bird - Aqua Blue  
  5   (3)
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