Murano Glass Watches

Authentic Murano Glass watches are fine timepieces, where exceptional attention is given to both glass-making and watch craftsmanship. With high-quality movement inside and a beautiful Murano Glass Millefiori face, our Murano Glass wristwatches for women and men are elegant, unique, and precise. To make the ornate watch faces, the artisans use the Murano Glass Millefiori technique where pieces of glass mosaics are fused together. This means that no two Murano watches are the same and ensures the exclusiveness and originality sought by the discerning women and men who choose authentic Murano Glass.
A very popular Murano Glass jewelry product, our Italian Millefiori women's watches make a great addition to any jewelry collection. Get transported to Venice, Italy every time you look at your watch! Shop authentic Murano Glass watches from Glass Of Venice.
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Don a Murano Glass watch and people will know you are unique, interesting, and love stylish accessories. These watches are some of the most popular accessories crafted by glassmakers in Murano, Italy and they are always in fashion.