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Venetian Marble Ring - Blue

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Modern and classic at the same time, this Murano Glass ring combines contemporary design with unusual patterns and the skillful use of traditional Murano glass-blowing techniques employed by the island's talented artisans. Marble-like appearance combined with gorgeous deep blue color creates an artistic one-of-a-kind look that is sure to attract attention. This uniquely elegant Murano ring will be the highlight of your jewelry collection and add famed Italian style to any outfit.
  • This ring is handcrafted by Murano Glass master artisans in Venice, Italy using ancient techniques and traditions.
  • The ring comes in an attractive velvet pouch with a Certificate Of Authenticity
  • These rings are made by hand and each one is unique, therefore, they do not have a perfect round shape and the way each ring fits your finger may differ slightly.
  • Because each item is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors and patterns are possible.


Creating Murano Glass Rings by hand under an open flame is an ancient craft used by Murano's talented artisans for ages to offer women beautiful and unique jewelry. The master manipulates a special Murano Glass cane under a small flame and works with basic instruments to achieve elaborate and artistic designs limited only by the artisan's imagination. Making each ring one at a time, finely crafting every detail, the glass masters demonstrate impressive skill and artistic talent, the signature features of authentic Murano Glass.