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Preziosa Murano Glass Ring - Purple

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The colors of this stunning Murano Glass Ring bring to mind gorgeous purple light of Venetian summer evenings, reflections in the canals, and setting sun over Venetian Lagoon. One-of-a-kind treasure handcrafted in traditional Murano island workshops from small colorful Murano Glass beads, this Venetian ring is as beautiful as it is unique. This versatile stylish ring is a wonderful gift to any woman who values Italian design and loves to wear unique artisan pieces with rich history and rare beauty.
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Measurements: This Murano ring is adjustable to fit any finger size, the band is metal with an opening on the back.

Because each piece is handmade using basic instruments and traditional Murano glass-making techniques, small variations of colors or patterns are possible. These are not defects but the very feature by which one can recognize authentic Murano Glass.


Lampworking technique of glass-making, which dates back to ancient Egypt, was revived by Murano glass artisans around the fourteenth century. This technique is based on heating up a blob of glass under a small flame from a lamp or a torch until it reaches malleable state, then blowing and using simple tools or just hands to create various forms and designs. Lampworking allows the artisan's creativity to blossom, as copper sparkles, various minerals, and pieces of glass cane are fused together in this process to create rich colors and imaginative patterns that are always unique. Murano Glass masters often use lampworking method to create small jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, or rings, as well as keychains, barrettes, pillboxes, and figurines.