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Milk and Honey Wide Ring

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This modern Murano Glass Ring is stylish and elegant with its warm natural colors and chic design. The band that is narrow on the inside and wide on the outside features a pattern where darker amber btrown and honey hues gradually lighten until they reach the creamy off-white color. Wear it with your favorite outfit for a look that is elegant and versatile.

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Loved this ring! Classy and contemporary at the same time. It is not small, but despite its size, it seems very delicate when you wear it. The colors work beautifully together, especially when you wear it in the sunlight.

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Creating Murano Glass Rings by hand under an open flame is an ancient craft used by Murano's talented artisans for ages to offer women beautiful and unique jewelry. The master manipulates a special Murano Glass cane under a small flame and works with basic instruments to achieve elaborate and artistic designs limited only by the artisan's imagination. Making each ring one at a time, finely crafting every detail, the glass masters demonstrate impressive skill and artistic talent, the signature features of authentic Murano Glass.