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Milk and Honey Narrow Ring

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This chic and modern glass ring featuring a tasteful combination of warm milk and earthy honey hues spells simple elegance and style. Wear it with your favorite gold jewelry or as part of a set with a matching pendant, bracelet, and earrings to make a lasting impression of Italian elegance. This ring will pair well with any outfit in the shades of brown, yellow, orange, or white.

Milk and Honey narrow ring is a part of the Milk and Honey Collection. This well-designed collection is created using a combination of colored glass and lattimo technique invented in Murano in the 16th century that allows creating opaque glass objects of milky shades and requires mastery that only Murano glassmakers are capable of. The end result is a blend of warm natural shades of off-white and golden-brown that flow into one another seamlessly within the gleaming glass. Each of these accessories speaks of timeless elegance and true artistry much like Venice itself.
  • The ring is handcrafted over a small flame in a traditional glass-making family workshop in Venice, Italy.
  • This Murano Glass ring comes with an attractive velvet pouch and a certificate of authenticity.
  • Because each item is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors and patterns are possible.

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Creating Murano Glass Rings by hand under an open flame is an ancient craft used by Murano's talented artisans for ages to offer women beautiful and unique jewelry. The master manipulates a special Murano Glass cane under a small flame and works with basic instruments to achieve elaborate and artistic designs limited only by the artisan's imagination. Making each ring one at a time, finely crafting every detail, the glass masters demonstrate impressive skill and artistic talent, the signature features of authentic Murano Glass.