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Murano Heart Pendant - Spotted Silver Green

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Step into Venetian magic and feel the romance in the air when you wear this elegant Murano Glass Heart Pendant. The heart pendant boasts a rich palette of green accented by dark speckles. Crafted with .925 sterling silver leaf, this heart shimmers and glows, evoking the opulence and glamour of Venice. This Murano Glass heart pendant is a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection, a piece that not only stands out on your neckline but demonstrates the finesse of the centuries-old Murano Glass tradition and the unique skill of Murano masters, who pour their soul into their craft.
Measurements: The pendant measures 1 inch in width and 1 inch in height. It comes with an attractive velvet pouch and a certificate of authenticity. Cord is NOT included with this pendant. If you wish to add a cord or a chain to this pendant, please choose one from our wide selection offered under Jewelry & Watches menu within Chains and Cords section.
Because each item is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors and patterns are possible.


Infusing silver leaf in Murano Glass has been one of the secrets of Venetian glass-makers for centuries, allowing them to create luminous beautiful glass pieces that shimmer and glow from within. More recently Murano artisans have been creating jewelry with Murano Glass beads lined with silver leaf. To create each bead the master wraps a very thin layer of genuine silver leaf around the glass base under a flame, and then puts a layer of clear or colored glass on top. The silver-lined Murano Glass bead is then put into a special annealing camera, after which it is ready to be strung onto a necklace, a bracelet, or used to create earrings, or another jewelry piece. Enjoy your Murano Glass jewelry creation, knowing that every bead was carefully handmade by talented Murano Glass artisans in Venice, Italy.