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Chalcedony Murano Leaf Pendant

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A mixture of elegance, artistic vision, and technical virtuosity define this beautiful pendant handcrafted by talented Murano Glass artisans. The glittering layer of 24K gold leaf highlights unique design crafted to mimic natural chalcedony mineral with its famous pattern of color bands. A challenging technique invented by Murano Glass artisans centuries ago, chalcedony requires talent and experience that few masters posses and Murano chalcedony jewelry, vases, and sculptures are rare pieces sought after around the world. With its exquisite design, this Murano pendant will instantly bring on the air of sophistication and evoke visions of springtime in Venice. A great gift for a special woman, this rare pendant will style up any outfit and be an instant conversation piece.
  • Measurements: This Murano Glass pendant measures approximately 2-1/2 in height and 1 inch in width.
  • The pendant comes with a nice velvet pouch and the certificate of authenticity, and has a raised Murano stamp on the back.
  • This pendant was handmade in chalcedony technique accented with gold leaf in a traditional glass-making workshop on Murano island in Venice.
  • Because every Murano Glass piece is a unique work of art made by hand, and due to the nature of Chalcedony glass-making technique, small variations of shapes, colors, and patterns are possible.

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Lampworking technique of glass-making, which dates back to ancient Egypt, was revived by Murano glass artisans around the fourteenth century. This technique is based on heating up a blob of glass under a small flame from a lamp or a torch until it reaches malleable state, then blowing and using simple tools or just hands to create various forms and designs. Lampworking allows the artisan's creativity to blossom, as copper sparkles, various minerals, and pieces of glass cane are fused together in this process to create rich colors and imaginative patterns that are always unique. Murano Glass masters often use lampworking method to create small jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, or rings, as well as keychains, barrettes, pillboxes, and figurines.