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Murano Glass Pendants are valued and sought-after around the world for their beauty, originality, and excellent craftsmanship. Murano glass pendants are handcrafted on Murano Island since the middle ages, Murano pendants were once the coveted jewelry pieces enjoyed by the women from wealthy elite and nobility, and praised for their rich colors, sparkling 24K gold accents, and dazzling play of reflections and light. Today authentic Venetian glass pendants are made just like centuries ago, entirely by hand, melting and twisting glass canes under fire to create the colors and shapes that will make each pendant a piece of art. More than a beautiful piece of jewelry, each Murano glass pendant is a part of Venetian artistic heritage and Murano's famous artisan tradition handed down through generations of talented glass masters.
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  Cream Daisy Murano Heart Pendant  
  4   (1)
  Millefiori Pendant Rectangular - Black and White  
  5   (1)
  Millefiori Star Pendant - Black and White  
$19.95 Sale: $16.95USD
  Black and White Millefiori Murano Glass Pendant - Round  
  Millefiori Medium Round Pendant - Black and White  
$33.95 Sale: $28.95USD
  Murano Heart Pendant - Ivory Gold  
  5   (1)
  Sibilla Pendant #6  
  5   (5)
$23.95 Sale: $19.95USD
  Spring Flowers Round Murano Pendant  
  Tender Heart Pendant - Icy Blue Swirl  
  4.5   (4)
  Venetian Marble Heart Pendant - Dark Purple  
  5   (3)
  Millefiori Narrow Star Pendant  
  4   (1)
  Black and White Millefiori Small Cross Pendant  
  Black and White Murano Millefiori Cross Pendant  
  5   (1)
  Millefiori Heart Pendant Medium - Black and White  
  5   (1)
  Millefiori Heart Pendant - Gold #2  
  5   (4)
  Millefiori Heart Pendant - Gold #7  
  Millefiori Heart Pendant - Gold #5  
  5   (1)
  Millefiori Heart Pendant - Silver #3  
  5   (2)
$22.95 Sale: $18.95USD
  Tender Heart Pendant - Blue and Cream Swirl  
$27.95 Sale: $23.95USD
  Millefiori Heart Pendant - Silver #5  
  5   (1)
  Millefiori Glass Cross Pendant #2  
  Millefiori Glass Cross Pendant #3  
  5   (2)