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Antique Venetian Beads Murano Glass Necklace - Milky White

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This gorgeous antique Murano Glass Necklace in rich amber with beads specially decorated with exquisite details is a very special and unique jewelry piece. It is made of real antique Murano Glass beads dating back to the late 19th- early 20th century by one of the oldest glass artisan workshops on Murano Island. Selecting unique beads from their family's collection of antique Venetian beads and charms, they craft necklaces that are truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be recreated. This Murano glass necklace is the most exclusive jewelry gift you can find, a stunning creation hand-made with passion, alluding to a different age of beauty, elegance, and art, and absolutely unique. This versatile piece of Italian jewelry will turn heads and spark an instant conversation about the beauty and artistry of Venice and nostalgia for the years gone by.
  • Measurements: This Venetian necklace measures 24 inches in length. The long Fiorato beads are about 1-1/2 inch in length.
  • The necklace features exclusive antique Murano Glass beads and antique pewter elements with fish hook clasp closure to ensure a secure fit and an elegant look.
  • The necklace is an authentic piece of Murano Glass art hand-made in Venice, Italy. It comes with an attractive velvet pouch and a certificate of authenticity.

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The ultimate symbol of status and power, gold was always held in high regard in Venice. Once Murano Glass artisans learned how to infuse gold into their creations, their fame spread far beyond Venice. The captivating mix of 24K gold with transparent or colorful blown glass has been the secret of Venetian glass masters for centuries, the magic behind their artworks, which exude soft golden glow and sparkle gently in the light. More recently Murano artisans have been creating jewelry from Murano Glass beads lined with gold leaf. To create each bead the master wraps a very thin layer of 24K gold foil around the glass base under a flame, and then adds a layer of clear or colored glass on top. The gold-lined Murano Glass bead is then put into a special annealing camera, after which it is ready to become a pendant, be strung onto a necklace or bracelet, or used to create other jewelry. Enjoy your gold-infused Murano Glass jewelry, knowing that every bead was handcrafted with skill and utmost care in the famous glass workshops of Murano, Italy.