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  Murano Heart Tie Necklace - Striped Silver Pink  
  Royal Aquamarine Circle necklace  
  Royal Herb Green Ball Necklace  
  Royal Red Squares necklace  
  Royal Aquamarine Circles necklace  
  5   (1)
  Lucia Murano Necklace - Multicolor  
  5   (1)
  Sommerso Long Necklace - Pink  
  4.5   (3)
  Necklace Murano Splendor - Blue and Gold  
  Royal Amethyst Ball necklace  
  Murano Heart Necklace - Klimt  
  Gloriosa 24 Strand Seed Bead Murano Necklace - Gold and Silver  
  5   (2)
  Necklace Ca D'Oro -amethyst  
  5   (3)
  Royal Blue Square necklace  
  5   (1)
  Onyx Black heart necklace  
  5   (2)
  Royal Aqua Spiral necklace  
  Necklace Ca D'Oro -cloudy sky  
  5   (1)
  Sommerso necklace - red  
  Starlight Balls necklace - black  
  Starlight Murano Necklace - Cobalt Blue  
  Six Strand Seed Bead Necklace - Amber  
  5   (3)
  Sommerso necklace - champagne  
  Gloriosa 6 Strand Seed Bead Murano Necklace - Red and Gold  
  4   (1)
  Gold and Silver Foil choker necklace  
  Dogaressa 48 Strand Necklace and Bracelet- Gold and Amethyst  
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Beautiful authentic Murano Glass Necklaces handcrafted by Venetian artisans are a pleasure to look at and a joy to wear. Stringing together gorgeous Murano Glass beads created in special kilns following ancient techniques and traditions, the glass masters in Venice, Italy design unique Murano necklaces that are wearable pieces of art. Glass-making techniques perfected on Murano glass necklaces such as Millefiori, gold and silver foil, filigrana, chalcedony, avventurina, and fiorato are skillfully used to create a rainbow of colors and a breadth of dazzling designs. Owning a Murano Glass necklace is a privilege enjoyed by women who value originality, impeccable craftsmanship with millennial history, and famed Italian style.