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Sterling Silver Blue Avventurina Murano Glass Charm Bead

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Stunning and unique, this Murano Glass Charm Bead features deep cobalt-blue color richly accented with Avventurina sparkles. The rare beauty of this charm bead is the result of centuries of Murano artisans' hard work re-inventing and creating the complex glass-making techniques and methods. On Murano Island these beautiful delicate beads are crafted one at a time in a traditional workshop over open flame. The color is not painted but achieved by use of different minerals mixed into hot glass. The sparkles are created by infusing tiny copper particles into the glass mixture. While labor-intensive, this process assures that the gorgeous colors will not fade and the sparkles will never go dull. The classic elegance of this bead makes it a fine addition to any charm necklace or bracelet and a great gift to anyone who loves the beauty and flexibility of creating jewelry from charm beads.
Measurements: This Murano Glass bead has rondelle shape and measures slightly less than 5/8 inch in diameter and just over 3/8 inch in height. The diameter of the bead opening is 3/16 inch or 4 mm. The framing of the opening is made in solid 925 Sterling Silver. The words "Murano Italy" and the standard 925 Sterling Silver stamp are etched into the silver frame. The bead comes with an attractive velvet pouch and the certificate of authenticity.
This Murano Glass charm bead is compatible with Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi, Troll and other interchangeable bead systems.
Because each charm bead is made by hand, no two beads are exactly the same, and slight variations of colors and patterns are possible.

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Avventurina is an ancient technique of Venetian glass-making, in which tiny pieces of copper are infused into the glass mixture for the unique sparkling effect that is characteristic of authentic Murano Glass. Using lampworking method master artisans heat up specially made glass canes produced by Murano Glass factories, then dip the blob of glass into avventurina shavings, then continue to twist and shape the glass into the design they want to achieve, sometimes also using sterling silver foil, gold foil and other additional accents to highlight the play of colors and create a truly unique piece of authentic Murano Glass. Avventurina glass beads, jewelry, rings, earrings are some of the most recognizable works of Murano Glass.