Glass Of Venice Murano Glass Earrings made in Murano, Italy

Murano Glass Earrings

Murano Glass earrings are handmade over a small flame by artisans on Murano island in Venice, Italy. Murano Glass Dangle Earrings, Studs, Button and Clip-On earrings are unlike any other jewelry. Using unique glass-making techniques invented on Murano, Venetian glass masters create colorful and dainty Murano Glass earrings that never fail to impress. Murano earrings in leaf, heart, button, and many other shapes make a fine gift to a woman who loves Italian style and Venetian originality.
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Murano Earrings for women stand out from other jewelry thanks to their craftsmanship, unique handmade forms, gold and silver shimmer, and rich colors. In the centuries past wealthy and noble women loved wearing Murano Glass earrings and displaying the height of fashion. Even Vermeer's Girl With A Pearl Earring arguably really wears Murano Glass earrings finely crafted by the masters in Venice to imitate pearls.