Murano Glass Millefiori Rings

Millefiori Murano Glass rings from Italy are sought after by women of all ages for a quick and easy way to add glamour and style to every look. Festive patterns that never repeat, rich colors and trendy styles set Murano Glass Millefiori rings apart from the rest. To make Millefiori rings highly skilled Venetian glass artisans use methods and tools that changed little over the centuries, cutting up special glass canes into tiny mosaic pieces, then assembling them into dazzling patterns, and fusing the resulting pieces in special furnaces (hence the name Millefiori, or "thousand flowers"). has special relationships with distinguished Murano Glass masters, thanks to which we can offer our customers the best selection of authentic Murano Glass Millefiori jewelry outside of Venice. Owning a Venetian Millefiori ring brings you closer to the art and history of glamorous Venice and helps you stand out with one-of-a-kind artistic jewelry.
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