Murano Glass Millefiori Earrings

Murano Glass Millefiori Earrings are unique and colorful, boasting beautiful artistic designs that merge centuries-old Murano Glass artistic tradition with contemporary trends. Millefiori ("a thousand flowers") is an ancient glassmaking technique where tiny mosaic pieces are cut from special glass canes, then arranged by hand, and fused together.
Thanks to the skill and talent of Murano Glass masters, every pair of Murano Millefiori earrings comes out gorgeous and unique. These Italian earrings are for a discerning woman who appreciates Venetian glass jewelry and the value of Murano's artistic tradition. At Glass Of Venice, we have the largest selection of authentic Murano Glass Millefiori jewelry, so you can find the perfect pair of earrings for every outfit and occasion.
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Murano Mosaic Black Ball Earrings

$29.95 Sale: $23.99USD 29.95 USD

Murano Mosaic Green Ball Earrings

$29.95 Sale: $23.99USD 29.95 USD

Millefiori Stud Earrings - Round #8

$34.95 Sale: $27.99USD 34.95 USD
A pair of Murano Glass Millefiori earrings will brighten your day and show off your authentic Italian style. Find a match for your Millefiori pendant or the perfect glass earrings for your outfit. This is a great gift for women for birthdays, engagement parties, wedding favors, Christmas, and any other occasion.