Murano Glass Millefiori Jewelry

Murano Millefiori glass-making technique means ""a thousand flowers"" in Italian and is one of the most famous in Murano Glass Art. In search of the long-forgotten technique used by the ancient Roman glass masters to create the fascinating vases, urns, and decorative pieces found in Pompeii and other archaeological sites, Murano Glass artisans of the nineteenth century managed to re-create the complex multi-step process that allowed us to enjoy the incredible beauty of mosaic glass, just like the Romans did millenia back. Instantly recognizable as the work of Venetian artisans, Murano Millefiori jewelry stands for the unique artistry, technical virtuosity, persistence, ingenuity, flawless workmanship, and talent of Italian Murano Glass jewelry masters who dedicate their lives to creating miracles from glass. To craft a Millefiori object artisans first create long canes with colorful flower-like designs at the cross-section entirely by hand. Then they slice these canes into hundreds of tiny mosaic pieces, each with a pattern inside, carefully arrange them into elaborate patterns, and fuse them together in special furnaces creating amazing designs that are different every time. Millefiori pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, watches, vases, sculptures, and other Millefiori jewelry and decorative pieces have enduring popularity around the world and are sought after by art lovers, fashion and design fans, and collectors alike. Our direct connection with the artisans and deep knowledge of Venice and Italian Murano Glass jewelry means we can source the best and the finest Murano Glass Millefiori pieces and bring you the variety of genuine Millefiori glassware that no-one else has outside of Venice, Italy.