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Murano Millefiori Fazzoletto Bowl - Silver Blue

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A lovely accent to any interior design, this magnificent Murano Glass Centerpiece combines the best of Murano artisan tradition with the progressive artistic vision of contemporary Murano Glass maestros. With design inspired by the beauty of ancient Venetian mosaics, the centerpiece bowl is created in Millefiori glass-making technique, where glass canes with unique colorful designs inside are cut into pieces, which are then fused into the glass base. To create even more dramatic impression, genuine silver foil is infused in the glass for gentle shimmer, and the shape is enhanced by easy-flowing fabric-like "folds", completing a look of rich elegance and impeccable style. The unique bright quilt-like look of this bowl brings to mind the beautiful rich facades of Venetian palazzo's and the grace and splendor of Venice, the magical city on the water. Whether used to hold fruits or candy on your table, or just to accentuate your room, this bowl makes a perfect centerpiece in any room of your house and brings a glimpse of famous Italian design and Venetian luxury to your home. This elegant bowl also makes a uniquely appropriate present to the special people in your life for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or career milestones.
  • Measurements: The centerpiece bowl measures approximately 6-1/2 in width and 6-1/2 inches in length and is about 3 inches tall.
  • This bowl is 100% authentic Murano Glass signed by the master. Attached sticker further proves its Murano origin, as does the certificate of authenticity that comes with the bowl.
  • Because each bowl is a unique work of art made entirely by hand, no two are exactly the same, and slight variations of colors and patterns can be expected

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Murano Glass Christmas bowls and vases handmade using a centuries-old Millefiori glassmaking technique create a festive atmosphere of Old Europe and bring a splash of color and a touch of Italian elegance to your home. Starting from a blob of glass wrapped in colorful pieces of Murano Glass millefiori mosaics, the master works with only basic instruments to shape the glass and make it a future centerpiece for your table or a showcase piece for your home. By adding touches of gold and silver foil, and creative mixing of colors and techniques, talented Venetian artisans make creations that become family treasures. These beautiful Murano Glass objects are made one-at-a-time in a traditional Murano Glass workshop on Murano island in venice, Italy using ancient glass-making methods and special techniques passed from father to son.