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Murano Glass Sommerso Bud Vase - Sparkling Gold

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This fabulous Murano Glass vase was created in a traditional workshop on Murano island using rare gold leaf technique, where 24K gold leaf is infused into cristallo glass under high temperatures inside special glass-making furnaces. This results in beautiful sparkling appearance of 24K gold particles captured inside translucent glass body of the vase. Thanks to the talent of the top maestros in one of the oldest glass workshops on Murano island, this vase is not just a pretty piece of home decor but a beautiful yet functional work of art, celebrating the centuries-old artisan heritage and unique artistic vision inspired by Venice's magic.

The vase features unusual shape where elegant nature-inspired curves showcase innovative design trends pioneered by Italian designers. This gorgeous Murano Glass vase is an instant conversation piece and a sophisticated Venetian design accent for any room, whether classic or contemporary in style. Despite its fragile look, this vase is heavy and made to become a family keepsake. The gold sparkles and trendy design make it a festive piece perfect for gifting to the special people in your life for any occasion.

  • Measurements: This unique murano glass vase measures 12 inches in height. It is 6 inches in width in its widest part and 3 inches deep. The diameter of the opening at the top is 1-1/2 inches, allowing for several stems of your favorite flowers.
  • It is very well packaged to avoid damage in transit.
  • Authenticity: Vase comes with the sticker of Murano's official Glassmakers' Consortium and the certificate of authenticity.
  • As this Murano Sommerso vase is a unique piece of art made by hand, some variations of colors and patterns as well as random bubbles inside glass are possible and serve as additional assurance of the authenticity of this Venetian vase.

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Gold Foil or Gold Leaf is used in Murano Glass to create designs that seem to shimmer and glow, which is achieved by infusing very thin pieces of real 24 karat gold foil into the liquid glass. This technique is used in crafting Murano glassware ranging from small beads to large sculptures and vases. In larger pieces, the Venetian glass artisan gathers a big blob of glass at the end of a metal stick, then wraps gold foil around the blob, creating a thin outer layer of pure gold, and then puts the blob into the furnace to ensure that the gold permanently fuses with the glass. In this way masters in Murano Glass factories can create gold Millefiori or Sommerso glassware, adding a touch of pure sunshine to art glass.