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Murano Glass Primavera Millefiori Fazzoletto Bowl - Blue

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Get ready to be blown away by the beauty and richness of this Murano Glass Bowl. Showcasing all the features that brought Murano Glass masters their enduring fame, this bowl is like the quintessence of Venetian opulence, artistry, and its never-ending carnival of colors and lights.

The elegant shape of the bowl with its signature folds of glass creating an impression of flowing fabric is complemented by the artful mix of bold colors and exquisite Millefiori flowers. Building on the classic Millefiori technique invented centuries ago, the artist came up with a design that merges tradition and innovation and draws upon Modern Art concepts while being true to Murano's ancient roots. The heritage of Murano Glass tradition of excellence, the highest-quality silica from the Venetian Lagoon, and the rare skill and imagination of the glass artists and artisans are secret ingredients from which this gorgeous bowl was created to impress those lucky enough to own it.

This Murano Glass bowl is more than a unique designer accent, it is also a functional piece to hold fruits, salads, or sweets and add Italian elegance to your table. It is also a great gift for special birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and any other occasion that calls for a special unique gift.

  • Measurements: This bowl measures approximately 7.5 inches in height and 11 inches in diameter at the top.
  • This is an authentic piece of Murano Glass Art. It features the original sticker, and comes with the certificate of authenticity.
  • The bowl is very well packaged to avoid damage in transit.
  • As each Murano Glass piece is unique work of art made entirely by hand, and especially for Millefiori glass pieces, some variations of colors, patterns, and shapes, as well as random bubbles inside the glass are possible and do not constitute a defect.


Larger Murano Glass figures and sculptures are typically made in the ancient factories on Murano island, where there is enough space to turn, twist, and blow the glass, move it into and out of the large furnaces, and cool it down properly. Making the glass mixture with the right color intensity and pattern is only a part of the job. The biggest challenge is shaping the glass just perfectly while keeping it in the correct state in between the bench and the furnace. This requires special skills rarely found outside of Murano Glass artist and artisan community. These Murano Glass sculptures of lovers, Venetian ladies and gentlemen, clowns, abstract art, animals and birds crafted in well-known Murano factories are top-quality art glass pieces sought after by interior decor specialists and collectors alike.