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Red Murano Glass Fazzoletto Millefiori Filigrana Vase - Large

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Deep colors, gorgeous pattern, and unique shape set this Murano Glass vase apart from the rest. Stripes of colorful Millefiori alternate with tender Filigrana net-like pattern and contrast with the deep red shade of the background, creating a vase that is as much a functional piece of home decor as a piece of art. While large and heavy, this Murano vase looks elegant and light, thanks to the mastery and talent of the best and most experienced Murano Glass artisans in Venice. The spiky fazzoletto top adds a modern twist to a classic design and showcases Murano Glass masters' talents in art and craftsmanship.

Whether you choose to add flowers or just display this vase as a decorative piece, it is an excellent addition to any home, which represents the best in Italian design and Venetian artistry. This gorgeous Murano Glass vase also makes a very special gift for big occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, or important holidays. When you present this vase as a gift, you can be sure that it will be much appreciated and become a family keepsake.

  • Measurements: The Murano vase is approximately 14 inches tall, 5 inches deep and 9 inches wide in its widest part.
  • This beautiful authentic Murano vase was handmade in a family workshop on Murano island using only traditional glass-making methods.
  • The glass artist who made and signed this vase is a third-generation Murano maestro, whose works can be found in art galleries, museums, exhibitions, and private collections worldwide.
  • This Murano vase features the signature of the glass master, the attached sticker further proving its Murano origin, and the certificate of authenticity.
  • Because each Venetian vase is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes are possible.

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I really loved this piece of art. It’s a beautiful Murano vase love the colors and is a large vase. Looks beautiful with my others Murano pieces. It was worth the money.

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Murano Glass Millefiori vases and bowls are made by hand in the factories of Murano Island using a unique time-tested method of infusing small pieces of Millefiori glass canes into the hot glass core of an object, whereby the surface of the art glass object acquires a mosaic look. By picking out the colors and patterns of Millefiori beads to use in each Murano Glass piece, the glass artisans of Murano create thousands of Millefiori vases, bowls, and other art glass pieces, each with its own unique design. Making a Murano Millefiori Vase is hard work involving multiple steps and precise movements between crafting the object at the artisan’s bench and re-heating it many times in the furnace, making each object a valuable and distinctive piece of Murano Glass art.