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Murano Glass Cone Seashell - Amber Aqua

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Feel the salty air and the eternal mystery of the sea when you look at this luminous Murano Glass seashell. The unique design and the play of aquamarine and amber hues, which seamlessly flow into each other, showcase the artistry and fine craftsmanship of authentic Murano Glass. Born from Venetians’ tireless search for beauty centuries ago, Murano Glass-making has been carried to global fame by generations of talented masters. Murano Glass is now an art form featured in museums, high-end stores and offices, and stylish homes worldwide. A beautiful art glass piece, this Murano seashell sculpture adds Venetian ambiance into your house and wakes up the romantic in you.
  • Measurements: this shell is 7 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 3 inches tall.
  • The Vase is handcrafted in a family workshop on Murano Island using Murano’s famous Sommerso technique of glassmaking
  • Comes with the sticker of Murano Glass consortium and the certificate of authenticity