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Murano Glass Centerpiece Vase - Black and Gold

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This stunning Murano Glass Centerpiece Vase is all about modernity, yet it is crafted in very traditional glass-blowing workshops of Murano Island based on a thousand years of Venetian glass-making. The vase is handmade by the artisans who come from generations of talented Venetian craftsmen. Rare pitch-black glass that is shaped so gracefully that it seems to be flowing, is accented by a single snake-like thread of sparkling gold. Strikingly beautiful, deceptively simple, yet a clear display of contemporary art, this gorgeous Vase stands for everything that fans and collectors alike value in Murano Glass: richness, originality, and fine craftsmanship. Not every master can create such Centerpiece, for it requires rare virtuosity of technique on top of talent and vision.

This Venetian vase is a perfect piece to highlight any contemporary home decor theme or an amazing gift for momentous occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries.

Measurements: This Centerpiece Vase is substantial and heavy despite its seemingly weightless look. It measures 15 inches in height; 14 inches in width in its widest part; and 8 inches across. The base measures 10 x 7 inches.
The Vase is very well packaged to avoid damage in transit.
Authenticity: This Centerpiece Vase comes with the signature of the glass artist, the sticker of Murano's official Glassmakers' Consortium and the certificate of authenticity.

As this vase is a unique piece of art made by hand, some variations of colors and patterns as well as random bubbles inside glass are possible and serve as additional assurance of the authenticity of this Venetian vase.


Murano Glass vases, figurines, tumblers, and tableware often feature a unique look, where base layer of glass is decorated with colorful flowers, leaves, abstract glass streaks, or in other ways by applying stretched out dripping glass in various colors and shapes on top of a blown glass core. This technique requires precision, talent, and many years of experience working with Murano Glass. Murano Glass has unique characteristics which, when heated up, make it stretch and flow easily, and quickly cool off to form the desired pattern. Murano Glass masters in Venice often use this technique to create abstract Venetian glassware such as Picasso-style heads, vases, or sculptures, and other modern-art creations.