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Golden Quilt Millefiori Murano Pitcher / Carafe

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This stunning Murano Millefiori Pitcher comes from the world-renown glass workshops of Murano Island in Venice, Italy. Following centuries-old artistic tradition established in Venice in the 13th century, talented Murano artisans crafted this carafe from hundreds of tiny colorful mosaic pieces fused together in special furnaces. The colors and lights of nearby Venice, which inspired countless artists since antiquity, live and breathe in this amazing Venetian pitcher, enhanced by 24K gold foil infused in the glass. Serve wine, water or soft drinks in this carafe at your next gathering to wow your guests and instantly transport them back to elegant opulent Venice. An great conversation starter at the dining table, this Murano Glass piece can be used as a pitcher, carafe, decanter, or vase, and makes a perfect memorable gift to anyone who will appreciate unique Venetian artistry and famed Murano craftsmanship.
This beautiful authentic Murano Glass Pitcher / Carafe was crafted by hand using only traditional glass-making methods by famous Murano artisans whose glass-making roots go centuries back.

Measurements: The pitcher is approximately 7-8 inches tall. The diameter of the opening is 3 3/4 inches. The diameter of the widest bottom part is 5 1/2 inches. The capacity of the carafe is 33 oz or 1 Liter. The handle is lined with pure 24K gold. Comes very well packaged to avoid damage in transit and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

Because each Murano Glass piece is a handcrafted work of art and due to the unique features of Millefiori technique, some variations of colors and patterns will occur. This is not a defect but a sign of authenticity and special value of Murano Glass Millefiori pieces where two items can never be made the same.

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To create Millefiori Murano Glass masters first need to cut special millefiori glass canes into tiny pieces, sort those pieces manually by color, and then use them in the glass-making process to achieve the unique Millefiori look of a thousand flowers. To make a Murano Glass pitcher, carafe, or decanter, the master gathers molten glass at the end of a special metal rod, then immerses it into bowls with color-sorted Millefiori pieces, making these pieces stick to the surface. The piece consisting of the layer of molten glass covered with a layer of millefiori beads is then heated up in the furnace, making the two layers fuse and creating the Millefiori pattern on the surface of the art glass object. The object is then re-heated and formed by the master using basic instruments such as pliers and scissors to get the desired pitcher shape.