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Clam Seashell Murano Glass Bowl - Red Blue Amber

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Conjuring up the images of the deep seas and sporting rich luminous colors, this clam-shaped centerpiece represents the unique artistic heritage of Murano Glass. Born in Venice centuries ago from the potent mix of artisan skill, talent, and passion, Murano Glass has since conquered the world as the standard of style and beauty in high-end decorative art. This Murano bowl, with it’s modernistic nature-inspired design and a mix of vibrant red and deep blue shades, brings unique Venetian ambiance into your house and makes you dream of the exotic beaches and gorgeous seaside sunrises.
  • Measurements: this bowl is 8 inches wide, 4 inches deep, 5 inches tall. The weight is 2 lbs.
  • This Vase has a unique shape allowing it to stand either upright or at an angle.
  • The Vase is handcrafted in a family workshop on Murano Island using Murano’s original Sommerso technique of glassmaking
  • Comes with the sticker of Murano Glass consortium and the certificate of authenticity