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Venetian Themed

Venice is a unique place with a turbulent history full of peculiar episodes, grand celebrations, and grand legacy of famous people. To promote the sense of Venice’s exclusivity among Venetians and visitors alike, Murano masters have long been creating sculptures on Venetian themes, such as the Lady and Gentleman inspired by the characters of Goldonian plays, or depictions of famous Venetian artifacts such as benches and streetlights. In this section of our website enjoy our carefully curated selection of sculptures on themes related to Venetian beauty, lifestyle, and history.
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  Murano Glass Venetian Carnival Mask - Black  
  Murano Glass Venetian Carnival Mask - Blue  
  5   (2)
  Murano Glass Venetian Carnival Mask - Red  
  Venetian Goldonian Gentleman - Millefiori and Gold  
  Venetian Goldonian Lady - Millefiori and Gold  
$299.95 Sale: $254.99USD
  Venetian Goldonian Couple - Millefiori and Gold  
$569.95 Sale: $484.99USD
  Golden Quilt Millefiori Murano Slipper  
  Golden Quilt Tender Rose Millefiori Murano Slipper  
  5   (1)