Vintage Murano Glass Sculpture The Thinker by Loredano Rosin Vintage 053926474066

Vintage Murano Glass Sculpture The Thinker by Loredano Rosin

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This vintage abstract Murano Glass statue called The Thinker in reference to Rodin's famous statue is a modernist Venetian art glass masterpiece crafted by famous Venetian master Loredano Rosin. Loredano Rosin is the brother of Dino Rosin and a member of one of the most prominent Murano Glass dynasties. During his career, he worked in Murano's most famous company Salviati & Co, and collaborated with prominent artists including Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, forming his own very unique artistic style.

This Murano Glass Sculpture is Rosin's artistic take on the world-renown Thinker theme by August Rosin. Through the contours, shape, and the play of light the artist created a bust with the head resting on the arm in a contemplational pose.

This vintage Murano Glass Thinker figure is a rare one-of-a-kind piece even among Loredano Rosin's works, created mid-century in the 1960s. The design of the sculpture is reflective of Loredano Rosin's artistic style rooted in the prominent art movements of the 20th century, including minimalism and abstractionism. Rosin's works are featured in many prominent museums, galleries, and private collections worldwide, including The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Like other art forms, Murano Glass experienced a renaissance in the middle of the 20th century as traditionally-trained glass artisans started to explore the contemporary art scene and integrate the prevailing art movements into their works, turning Murano Glass from a craft to a true art form, widely sought after by collectors and fans worldwide.
  • Measurements: The sculpture measures about 19 inches in height and the base measures about 10 inches in width, 3-1/4 inches in height, and 4-1/2 inches in depth. Weight is about 36 lbs.
  • This is an authentic vintage Murano Glass Loredano Rosin sculpture handmade by the master in the 1960's. It is signed "Loredano Rosin" on the base. GlassOfVenice fully certifies the authenticity of this sculpture.
  • This is a pre-owned piece. It is in excellent vintage condition but may show some slight wear commensurate with age. The sculpture is free of defects or damage. There are no chips, cracks, or repairs.
  • The Thinker sculpture is very well packaged to avoid damage in transit.


Larger Murano Glass figures and sculptures are typically made in the ancient factories on Murano island, where there is enough space to turn, twist, and blow the glass, move it into and out of the large furnaces, and cool it down properly. Making the glass mixture with the right color intensity and pattern is only a part of the job. The biggest challenge is shaping the glass just perfectly while keeping it in the correct state in between the bench and the furnace. This requires special skills rarely found outside of Murano Glass artist and artisan community. These Murano Glass sculptures of lovers, abstract art, and animals crafted in well-known Murano factories are top-quality art glass pieces sought after by interior decor specialists and collectors alike.