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Murano Glass Venetian Carnival Mask - Red Bauta

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Originating in the street performances of Commedia dell'Arte in medieval Italy, Venetian masks symbolize mystery, frivolity, and the festive spirit of revelry, which are still felt in Venice during its famous Carnival. The unequivocal symbol of the Venetian Carnival, the Venetian mask is an art form in and of itself, one that has been explored by mask-makers of Venice and Murano Glass artisans alike.

This exquisite Murano Glass mask is a special kind called Bauta, which was one of the most popular masks and, together with a black or red cape, became the standard carnival outfit for men since the 18th century. Today's masks run the gamut but Bauta still remains the classic Venetian mask of choice for the Carnival. This mask crafted in an old traditional workshop on Murano island is a fine expression of all that makes Venetian Carnival so famous around the world. The dark red grotesque face with fine features and the rich dusting of 24 karat gold evokes the typical themes of the carnival: the drama of the mysterious encounters set against the opulence of the costumed balls. Now you too can accentuate your home with a decorative Venetian mask and bring the spirit of the carnival into your life.

  • Measurements: This Murano Glass mask is attached to the base, which measures 5 x 4 inches. The mask itself is approximately 3 inches high by 3 inches wide and 1-3/4 deep.
  • This decorative Venetian mask is an authentic Murano Glass sculpture handmade according to the techniques and traditions of Murano Glass craftsmanship.
  • Each mask has an attached authenticity sticker and comes with the certificate of authenticity in Italian and English.
  • Because each figurine is a unique work of art made by hand, some variations of sizes, colors, and patterns are possible. These do not constitute a defect but rather prove that this is an original one-of-a-kind artisan creation.


Lampworking is one of the most recognized Murano Glass techniques, which is used by Venetian master artisans to create a variety of Murano glassware such as sculptures, figurines, jewelry and more under a small flame by manipulating special Murano Glass canes and working with basic instruments to achieve elaborate and artistic designs limited only by the artisan's imagination. Making each figurine one at a time, finely crafting every detail, the Venetian masters demonstrate impressive skill and artistic talent, the signature features of authentic Murano Glass.