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Murano Glass Tropical Fish - Amber Aqua

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This beautiful fish seems to have just jumped out of the sparkling waters of Venetian Lagoon. Featuring nature-inspired colors in beautiful shades of amber and aqua, this fish is handcrafted in a famous Murano Glass workshop by artisans whose families have been blowing glass off the shores of Venice for generations. An amazing play of colors and light is created using Sommerso technique, where colorful layers of glass are superimposed upon each other in a complicated process, creating swirls of colors that meet and separate under translucent glass. Lovely and adorable, this fish sculpture is a perfect gift to anyone who enjoys the mastery and artistic style of authentic Murano Glass.
Measurements: This Murano Glass Tropical Fish sculpture measures about 4-1/2 inches in length and is 4-1/2 inches high and 1-1/2 inches deep. Weight is approximately 1 lb. We provide very secure packaging to avoid damage in transit.

Authenticity: The sculpture is handcrafted by famous Murano Glass masters in their Murano-based workshop. It features the signature of the master, the sticker of the official Murano Glass Consortium, and the certificate of authenticity.

As this sculpture is a unique piece of Murano Glass Art made by hand, some variations of colors and patterns as well as random bubbles inside glass are to be expected. These are not defects but the very signs by which you can recognize authentic Murano Glass.


Larger Murano Glass figures and sculptures are typically made in the ancient factories on Murano island, where there is enough space to turn, twist, and blow the glass, move it into and out of the large furnaces, and cool it down properly. Making the glass mixture with the right color intensity and pattern is only a part of the job. The biggest challenge is shaping the glass just perfectly while keeping it in the correct state in between the bench and the furnace. This requires special skills rarely found outside of Murano Glass artist and artisan community. These Murano Glass sculptures of lovers, Venetian ladies and gentlemen, clowns, abstract art, animals and birds crafted in well-known Murano factories are top-quality art glass pieces sought after by interior decor specialists and collectors alike.