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Murano Glass Red Heart On Ice Cube

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Venice, the city of canals, gondolas gliding next to beautiful palaces, and quiet medieval alleyways is well known as the most romantic place in the world. Combine that with Murano's ancient glassmaking tradition, and it's little wonder that Murano Glass artisans would create beautiful glass sculptures, which channel that romance. The most well-known symbol of love, finely crafted red heart is placed on top of an ice-cube-like glass base, combining fire and ice in a symbolic tribute to passion that cannot be cooled even by ice itself. Bring the romance and love of Venice represented by this beautiful heart sculpture to your home, or give it to a special person in your life for memories that will last forever.
  • Measurements: The sculpture measures about 3 inches in height and 1-3/4 inch in width. The ice cube base side is about 1 inch.
  • The sculpture is 100% authentic Murano Glass crafted by hand in a family workshop on Murano island in Venice, Italy. It comes with the certificate of authenticity and the special sticker of the Murano Glass consortium.
  • The heart sculpture is very well packaged to avoid damage in transit.
  • As this sculpture is a unique piece of art made by hand, some small imperfections, as well as some variations of colors and patterns as well as random bubbles inside glass are possible. These are not defects but rather the very signs by which you can recognize the best in authentic handcrafted glass.

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When I was in Venice recently many shops had this big red heart on a glass cube base. I meant to buy one then but for various reasons, I did not. When I got home (USA) I wished I had bought one and tried to get hold of one. I was thrilled to see that Glass of Venice had one and received great presales help from customer service. Thanks very much!

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Lampworking is one of the most recognized Murano Glass techniques, which is used by Venetian master artisans to create a variety of Murano glassware such as sculptures, figurines, jewelry and more under a small flame by manipulating special Murano Glass canes and working with basic instruments to achieve elaborate and artistic designs limited only by the artisan's imagination. Making each figurine one at a time, finely crafting every detail, the Venetian masters demonstrate impressive skill and artistic talent, the signature features of authentic Murano Glass.