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Murano Art Glass Owl - Golden Brown Waves Glass Of Venice 053926460267

Murano Art Glass Owl - Golden Brown Waves

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Item # :  AR_1226_P

This gorgeous Murano Glass Owl is the very expression of the artistic genius of the island's glass masters, a creature that is as mysterious, beautiful, and colorful as Venice itself. Featuring amazing waves of rich nature-inspired brown and amber colors along with mineral-like iridescent overtones, this owl was carefully crafted by hand in one of Murano's most famous workshops, using only the original methods of Murano glass-making. Authentic and unique, this owl will be an instant highlight in your home or office, creating the atmosphere of Venetian stateliness, elegance, and splendor. With its fine design of perfectly sculpted features and colors that seem to be flowing like Venetian waters, and its traditional meaning as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, this owl is a wonderful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, career advancement, retirement, father's day, and other momentous occasions.

Measurements: This Murano Glass Owl sculpture measures 10-11 inches in height and 6 inches in width. Weight is ~13 lb. The owl is blown (hollow inside) but is still very substantial and heavy. It comes very well packaged to avoid damage in transit.

Authenticity: The sculpture is handcrafted by famous Murano masters whose works are featured in museums and art galleries worldwide. It features the signature of the master, the sticker of the official Murano Glass Consortium, and the certificate of authenticity.

As this sculpture is a unique piece of Murano Glass Art made by hand, some variations of colors and patterns as well as random bubbles inside glass are to be expected. These are not defects but the very signs by which you can recognize authentic Murano Glass.


Sbruffo is a distinctive Murano Glass design, which features rough-surfaces and multiple colors flowing into each other. Sbruffo objects are made by putting layers of colored glass on top of each other streak-by-streak without polishing them, creating an impression of flowing glass. Using multiple colors and unique forms, the masters make tumblers, glasses, vases, bowls, and sculptures with sbruffo designs, which are instantly recognizable as authentic Murano Glass. Only a few Murano Glass factories still create sbruffo art glass objects, and many interior design aficionados, collectors and Murano Glass fans seek these objects of refined beauty and distinct Italian elegance.

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