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Murano Glass Bullicante Turtle - Black Glass Of Venice 053926466849

Murano Glass Bullicante Turtle - Black

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Item # :  AD_4672_1_TB

This cute Murano Glass Turtle in rich black color and 24 karat gold accents is a charming sculpture which would enhance any home decor style, whether contemporary or classic. Handcrafted by the top glassmakers on Murano island in Venice, it demonstrates the strength of the ancient traditions of the glass-blowing craft, which took root on Murano in the thirteenth century. This glass turtle is a great example of complex Bullicante glass-making technique, where the artisan takes great care to create small bubbles under the transparent surface of the glass. Thanks to this design of fine bubbles, precisely crafted details, and the magical gold leaf that shimmers and shines, this Murano Glass turtle is a beautiful creation of art glass, which will add a touch of Venetian elegance and traditional Murano craftsmanship to any home or office.
  • Measurements: The turtle sculpture measures approximately 5 inches in width and 3 inches in height.
  • This is an authentic Murano Glass sculpture blown in a family workshop on Murano island, where the glassmaking tradition has flourished for eight hundred years.
  • The Bullicante Turtle comes with the sticker of the Murano Glass consortium and the certificate of authenticity.
  • Each turtle is unique as each sculpture is made by hand, and the distribution of bubbles, while even, will vary every time. This is not a defect but a feature of the Bullicante glassmaking technique used to create this sculpture.

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