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Murano Glass Birds On A Cherry Branch - Tender Rose Pink

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Artistry, elegance, and beauty of Venice come to life in this exquisite Murano Glass Sculpture of two Birds sitting on a blooming cherry branch. You can almost hear the happy chirping, you can almost see the flapping of the wings, you can almost feel the beauty of nature manifesting itself in the gracefulness and charm of these colorful birds. This fine Murano Glass Bird sculpture showcases the unique skill and artistic talent of Murano artisans who have been working in the glass-blowing craft for generations and closely follow the tradition of glass-making established in Venice a thousand years ago.
In this wonderful representation of timeless romance, two graceful Murano Glass Birds with their outstretched translucent wings lean close to each other on a delicate rose-pink spiraling tree branch adorned with exquisite cherry blossoms. A symbol of peace, romance, and marital bliss, this lovely pair of Venetian Glass Birds makes a fine and meaningful gift to your family, friends, or loved ones, especially perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. Carefully handcrafted by famous third-generation Murano Glass masters, this Murano sculpture will be the center of attention and the perfect accent in any room.
Measurements: The Murano Birds sculpture measures approximately 5 inches tall and 6 inches long. The wingspan of each bird is about 4 inches and each bird measures 2-1/4 in length. The Murano sculpture is a true work of Murano Glass Art and is accompanied by the certificate of authenticity.

Because each item is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors and patterns are possible.

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A cute little piece, chosen as a present to add to the collection of a friend.

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The most elegant Murano Glass sculptures and figurines take hours of meticulous work and all the talent and skill that Murano Glass masters possess. Murano Glass Birds On Tree Branch figurine may be small or large but it is always elaborate. The masters create translucent branches one by one twisting them into elegant forms and make exotic colorful birds with very basic instruments. Working under the flame using lampworking technique, the master, as if by magic, creates each bird by manipulating two glass canes, and gives each one a perfect shape and rich colors. The birds are then put onto the branches, making a paradise-worthy tree. This is where the talent of Murano Glass artisans shines bright and the result of their hard work is an incredible piece of art that will warm up any home.