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Murano Glass sculptures, statues and figurines are famous for the way they reinvent the ancient art of Murano Glass. Mixing traditional and contemporary art trends, Murano Glass masters commit their talent and unique skill to create sculptures that convey the beauty and magic of Venice. Encompassing the range of subjects from animals, birds, aquariums, and fish, to clowns, expressions of love, Christmas and Judaic themes, and classic Venetian themes, we present you with the range of authentic handmade Murano Glass sculptures that you won't find anywhere else.
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  Golden Quilt Millefiori Mouse  
  Murano Glass Pear Figurine  
  Murano Glass Clown - Banana  
  5   (4)
$129.95 Sale: $116.95USD
  Murano Candy - Sparkling Red  
  4.5   (2)
  Golden Quilt Millefiori Murano Glass Butterfly  
  5   (7)
  Venetian Goldonian Lady - Black and Gold  
$299.95 Sale: $269.95USD
  Golden Quilt Millefiori Murano Fish  
  5   (1)
  Murano Glass Large Sailboat - Sparkling Silver  
  Murano Glass Venetian Wild Cat  
  Golden Quilt Millefiori Murano Squirrel  
  5   (1)
  Murano Glass Lobster on a Base  
$79.95 Sale: $67.95USD
  Venetian Goldonian Couple - Red and Gold  
$569.95 Sale: $512.95USD
  Murano Glass Dolphin On Base - Chalcedony  
  Murano Glass Lovers Statue on a Base - Clear Gold  
  Murano Glass Birds On Golden Brown Branch - Blue  
  Murano Glass Bullicante Frog - Red  
$135.95 Sale: $122.95USD
  Murano Art Glass Large Sailboat - Red and Purple  
  5   (2)
$329.95 Sale: $296.95USD
  Murano Glass Venetian Gondola With Gondolier  
  4.5   (7)
  Murano Glass Birds On A Tall Blooming Branch - Red  
  Murano Glass Fish - Sparkling Silver  
  Murano Art Glass Millefiori Horse Head  
  5   (1)
$179.95 Sale: $152.95USD
  Murano Glass Pelican Bird - Amber Aqua  
$119.95 Sale: $105.95USD
  Murano Glass Cockatoo Birds on a Branch  
$189.95 Sale: $167.95USD
  Murano Glass Penguin - Sparkling Gold  
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