Murano Glass Figurines Sculpture

Murano Glass sculptures, statues, and figurines are famous for the way they reinvent the ancient art of Murano Glass. Mixing traditional and contemporary art trends, Murano Glass masters commit their talent and unique skill to create figurines that convey the beauty and magic of Venice. Encompassing the range of subjects from animals, birds, sailboats, aquariums, and fish, to clowns, expressions of love, Christmas, Christian, and Jewish themes, and classic Venetian subjects, Glass Of Venice offers the biggest online selection of authentic handmade Murano Glass sculptures.
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Murano Glass Small Clown - Orange

$114.95 Sale: $84.99USD 114.95 USD

Murano Glass Baby Chick - Red

$84.95 Sale: $62.99USD 84.95 USD

Murano Glass Chicken And Egg - Yellow

$69.95 Sale: $50.99USD 69.95 USD