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Murano Glass Seven Branch Menorah

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This seven-branch Jewish Menorah is handmade by Murano Glass masters from the lightest and purest glass in the world created with the sand from the Venetian Lagoon. The simple design of clear glass and clean lines accented with 24K gold trim draws attention to the symbolism of the Jewish Menorah, which stands for enlightenment and wisdom. This traditional seven-branch Menorah is inspired by the Menorah that once lit the Temple and is a meaningful gift for anyone who values Jewish traditions and heritage.

Venice, where the first Jewish ghetto was created, is a place of special significance in the history of Jewish people. As such, this Murano Glass Menorah handmade in Venice is a unique symbol of Jewish heritage that alludes to the key moments and important places in Jewish history.

  • Measurements: The seven-branch Menorah is 7 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The base is about 3-1/4 inches in diameter.
  • This is an authentic Murano Glass Menorah crafted by hand in one of the oldest family glass-making workshops in Venice. It comes with a special sticker proving its Murano origin and a Certificate Of Authenticity.
  • The Menorah is very well packaged to ensure safe and secure shipping and avoid damage in transit.
  • Because this is an authentic Murano Glass piece made entirely by hand, no two of them can be exactly the same, and some variations of shapes are possible.


Murano Glass menorahs, candle holders, figurines and other pieces represent some of the most prized art glass in the world. The combination of very light weight, beautiful design, and translucency is achieved through elaborate process of glass-making, where the master artisan blows and shapes the glass under a small flame. Turning the glass rods to keep the glass in the malleable state, the master creates a ribbed, faceted, or smooth glass surface and adds unique design touches such as 24K gold trim or accents of various colors, creating pieces that draw compliments when displayed in your home or given as gifts to the special people in your life.